Thanks to all those who responded to yesterday’s Blip. Today I’m going back a bit further, with this Midland Red (BMMO, Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus) D9. D9 is the Midland Red type-name for these buses – they built their own buses, and double-decker names began with D, single deckers with S and coaches with C. The makers of this model chose to use the destination code which matches the vehicle code, and so that was a Dudley local route. There is (or was) a D9 preserved and sometimes used at The Black Country Living Museum. I travelled on these buses a number of times, though not on the D9 route.

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Bus fleet

The first of a trio of photographs of some buses. I always thought of these as Daimler Fleetlines when they were introduced, but apparently they became Leyland Fleetlines later. I chose this version of the model because it is carrying the route information “273 Dudley Russells Hall” which makes it quite close to where I live. I think that it pre-dates the opening of the Russells Hall Hospital, which is now the main hospital in Dudley.

The intention is to use this and some other models in a diorama, but I haven;t yet got round to planning where to set it!

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We’ve been having some cold mornings (and the rest of the day) recently, and I’ve been putting temperature monitors at various places round the house to see just how cold it gets. So far I’ve managed to avoid turning the heating up (I have it set so that it should only turn on if it gets even colder, though I’ve had to turn it down to stop it coming on some mornings). I’m also keeping a close eye on electricity consumption given the current situation, unfortunately when they installed the gas smart meter a couple of years ago they could not get it to work with my display unit, and have never sorted out the problem, although they said they would. Perhaps it is just as well that I don’t know wha gas I’m using – until I get the bill!

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Settling in well

The Michaelmas Daisy I planted last week is doing well, but the pansies have had a major setback. I looked out and saw a squirrel in one of the tubs, and when I went to chase it off I found that most of the pansies in most of the troughs had been dug up, and some clearly won’t survive the experience. I pushed them back in the pots, but I fear the squirrels will be back.

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Displaced begonias

The begonias which were displaced from the pots and troughs were still flowering, so they have moved into flower beds until they finish.

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Cacti and 3D prints

The pots aren’t my design, but I did print them.

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The begonias which have put on a superb show all summer in the garden have now  been replaced by these pansies, which are looking very cheerful.

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I’m not a great fan of pizzas, but I thought I would try this one – it should last me at least 2 days, and I’ll add some home-grown tomatoes and some lettuce to make it better.

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These fuchsia are still looking wonderful, though some of the other types are finishing now.

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Looking great today, but sadly there are now no insects to enjoy it.

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