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Sadly I see no prospect of going there in the near (or more distant) future. To compensate, I’m working on my model railway, and one of the models is of a loco at the SVR.

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Begonia and fuchsia


One of two . The other one is better but the background is a problem, and it would be rather heavy for me to move it to a better position for a photo.

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A windy day, which made it difficult to photograph this plant.

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New Acquisition


Pure self indulgence. Tomorrow I’ll open the box!

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No card problems on the camera today (it was this camera which gave me some problems yesterday). This is n’t quite how I meant to take the photo though, as two of the camera controls had moved, so I was using average metering and the JPEG version of the photo was in one of the art modes! Actually I have chosen for once to use the JPEG version rather than processing the RAW picture!

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Another rather dull and uninspiring day, but the gazanias provided a spot of colour.

I had a number of problems today with the camera repeatedly reporting card errors when turned on, and unable to reformat the cards.

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Another rather dull and uninspiring day, so another emergency photo.

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Wildflower corner


Another photo of one of the wildflower areas in my garden.

Not a very nice day, and I spent a lot of time trying to discourage the magpies, and also doing some more work on the films I processed the other day.

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The first of this year’s tomatoes is ripening nicely, and another 4 are changing colour too. There are plenty of smaller ones, still green, on the 4 plants.

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