Crocuses in the sun

Putting on a good show. Unfortunately they were rather inaccessible, just under a low branch on a magnolia, and I banged my head on the branch several times, so the session was accompanied by a lot of bad language!

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Ornithogalum dubium

The Ornathogalum didn’t flower last year, and I almost threw it out, but happily it is doing better this year.

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My first daff of 2021

More will follow I expect!

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No, not ICM but Unintentional Bird Feeder Movement. There have been strong gusts of wind, and although I put the (tethered) camera outside, no birds came to this feeder all day – understandable as even if they could have hung on they would have got very sea-sick!

I spent some of the day working on the negatives I processed yesterday, but with the camera tethered to the computer I wasn’t able to finish the work.

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With the submission date for the most recent 127 day approaching fast, I needed to finish two films and process them. I finished the films yesterday, so today was mostly spent processing the films, drying them and then scanning them – I did the scanning by using a light panel and photographing the film strips. I still need to work on the scans, which need converting from negative to positive and adjusting exposure, colour etc. I had to process the two films separately, as one was colour and the other black and white (HP5+), so what with loading the film into tanks, preparing and heating the chemicals, doing the processing and clearing up afterwards it took quite a while, and a good reminder of how much time is saved by having digital nowadays.

I expect to spend a lot of tomorrow working on the scans. 

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The second flowering

Another picture of my Christmas cactus I’m afraid, but it is doing so well. A have in the past sometimes had a few flowers appear after the main flowering (which is before Christmas), but it has never produced such a good second show.

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Snowdrops and hellebores


The snowdrops have done particularly well this year, though the hellebores have been rather disappointing.

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Dull day

I spent most of the day rearranging cameras, camera bags and computers etc, so two sausage rolls (vegetarian!) for tea were the highlight of the day. No Apple products were involved!

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This is the first time this year that the flowers have been worth photographing.

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Another wasted day

Another wasted day …

I resist installing new computer operating systems until some weeks have passed. But I finally installed Apple’s new Big S*. Apparently some incompatibilities have been dealt with, but two tethering programs I tried to use failed. 

It used to be thought that it was Windows which had compatibility problems, but now Mac is FAR worse. Heaven knows when or if these problems will be overcome, especially as they are now in the middle of changing the computer processor! I went through the earlier change on Mac from Power PC to Intel, and I’ve no wish to go through that again. So it’s back to the Windows PC, which is still working fine, and if/when I get around to replacing my elderly phone it will NOT be an iPhone.

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