Fallen rose

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The gardener found this rose coming off a bush in the garden and brought it in for me for today’s photo. It won’t last long, but it smells wonderful.

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Near the lily pond


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Water lily

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There are still several very fine flowers on the pond. Bad news: I’ve been to the pond 3 times today, and each time I only saw 4 ducklings, so I’m afraid that we have lost one.

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Morning out

I was treated to a visit to Ashwood Nurseries this morning, and had a wonderful time. Choosing some photos for here was a real problem – I even managed a cat photo!

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On Saturday afternoon I had a wonderful view of a Lancaster(?) flying very low over the house, but I was completely unprepared for it and didn’t get a photo. On Sunday afternoon I was unprepared again, but when I heard the sound I grabbed a camera and manage on photo. It has been the annual Black Country weekend, and I guess that this was part of the celebration.

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Coffee morning in church

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The church was open for the Black Country Weekend, though we didn’t have any visitors while I was there. However, this character was on display – one I’d not seen before.

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Green woodpecker

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The new cafe in the park has been open for a couple of days now, and I visited it both yesterday and today. While riding round the park I found 2 green woodpeckers feeding (on ants presumably) near the lily pond. I couldn’t get very close to them, so the pictures are extreme crops. I did manage some shots with both birds in the same frame, but they were not particularly good, so I’ve chosen a couple of images of a single bird instead. They stayed feeding on the pathway for at least 15 minutes, before a dog bounded up and sent them off.

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