There are very few 127 films available for cameras like the Rolleiflex Grey Baby and the Yashica 44, and none at all from the recognised film suppliers such as Fuji, Kodak etc. In fact those 127 film that are available have been cut down from other formats and respooled. Now I’ve found this kit which enables the respelling to be done using the 120 film of choice. It arrived this morning, so I haven’t yet had a chance to try it, and it looks as though it may b e a bit fiddly, but I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ll probably try a roll of Fuji 400 Pro to start with – it’s still possible to get good black and white film – HP400 and Rerapan 400 – at the moment, but colour neg is rarely available, so that is the first priority.

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Open at last.

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Still a use for CDs!


Well, these photos started life 3 weeks ago on film, and after processing the negs were returned with the scanned version on a CD. Of course no computers nowadays have CD drives built in (well none of mine do), so I had to use an external DVD drive to import them. Of course the external drive did  not have one of the older USB connectors, so I also needed an adapter to plug it into my MBP, which only has USBC connectors.

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Frozen pond


It was a cold morning – the lily pond in the park was frozen when I got there.

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Caught in the sun


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Sound recording


The weather may not have been as bad as yesterday, but it still didn’t encourage outdoor activities, even a ride round the park which is my usual limit now. So I continued messing around with Resolve, and played around with my Zoom recorder to capture some sound effects.

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Dwarf iris


Very wet and VERY windy today, so the furthest I have been from the house  is the patio, when I was able to capture this during an extremely brief dry moment, though picking a time when the wind stopped blowing for a second was a real challenge.

Most of the rest of the day was spent messing around with Resolve and recording some sound effects on the Zoom recorder – a good day for capturing a few short sound clips of heavy rain and strong winds (if you can’t beat them, then join them).

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