Decorating the tree in church

The tree was put up in the church today, and was then decorated.

It was a cold morning, and there was no heating in the church. A very short walk from town to the church, and the low temperature in the church, have not done me any good, and all I’ve been able to do is sit down and struggle with my breathing.

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Halfpenny Green

I had lunch at Halfpenny Green Vineyard today. An excellent meal, but I ate far too much!

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More winter colour


Though rather battered.

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I need a landscape photo to demonstrate post processing techniques for a friend; I haven’t been able to get out to have any suitable new photos for some while, so I was looking through some old images for something suitable for the demo. I picked this one taken over 3 years ago – I’m not sure why it wasn’t deleted, given its lack of any merit and the camera fault. The demo will not involve Lightroom, but before putting it into the intended destination software I though I would do a preliminary test using my preferred software, namely Lightroom (the Classic version). Before version on the left, my ‘improved’ version on the right (just in case you can’t tell which one I worked on!).

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A little bit of colour


on an otherwise dreary day.

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Coffee Morning in church

We had a coffee morning and tabletop sale in the church today, with a raffle, tombola and refreshments. The prizes were a bit of a pro bleh for me though, as many of them were things that I’m not supposed to eat now!

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One of the few things in flower in my garden at present.

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