Arrivals and departures


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Battered rose


The recent heavy rain has left the roses in the garden looking below their best, and I haven’t been able to get into the park or anywhere else where there are roses.

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Hosta after rain


Not nearly such a wet day, but certainly not completely dry.

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Nuthatch news

Of course I’m not sure that this is the same nuthatch as the one I showed yesterday, but it, and another one which at one time has been here at the same time, look in good condition.

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Blip-140 3

I was so pleased to see a nuthatch on the feeders early today, but the light was really terrible for photography. Around lunch time there was a bang on the patio doors, and I found this nuthatch on the step outside. It seemed stunned and it was half an hour before it recovered and flew away. Then at about 5:30pm there was a repeat performance, though this time it lay on its back for at least 10 minutes before righting itself and eventually flying away.



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Mother and child reunion


After several days when I’ve hardly seen any woodpeckers, they have spent most of the day here.

The young one arrived first, and seemed to have no trouble feeding, but a little later the mother arrived. By lunch time I had about 250 photos, so took the camera down, but after that she fed the young one, which she had not done while the camera was set up! There has been no sign of the male though – perhaps he is looking after another young one somewhere else.

Extras show the young one, with a clear view of its head cap, and the mother on her own.

It was raining again nearly all day, and the light was exceptionally poor, so even with the ISO set to 3200 (which I’ve not done before) I still good not get a

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Young goldfinch


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