A day for scanning


We have been planning to scan some of the old prints of the church and associated events (dating back to the beginning of the last century), both so that we have copies of the originals for archiving and also possibly to make more use of some of them. This is the first of the display boards to be scanned – carefully removing each photo in turn, scanning, making a note of any captions on the back, and then mounting them again. I also scanned a few additional loose photos. There are probably at least another hundred photos, but I don’t like taking more than one display board away from the church at once, and I need help from someone with a car to get them home for scanning.

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There are still a few flowers, so I’d better make use of them before we are fully into autumn.

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Early morning light in the copse

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Priory ruins in mono


Another shot of the ruins experimenting with the various B&W modes of the Fuji. I was shooting JPEG plus RAW as usual, but selected the Acros + G filter simulation, though in the end I used the RAW image and applied the original film simulation in Capture One.

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Casting a long shadow


An early morning photo, experimenting with the B&W film modes of the Fuji. Shot as RAW + JPEG. Interestingly Capture One displays the RAW as mono as well unless you change the film setting in the colour tab.

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Cheer up


It’s been another cold, wet windy day, but I got out early (06:30) and managed to get a few pictures before the rain set in, ┬áso I thought I would post some of these to cheer us cup, especially as the rain will have done the few remaining roses no good at all.

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