I decided to try using the X-T2 using its IsoInvariant mode ISO 200 and 5 stops compensation. The resultant image was almost black when viewed initially, but after processing with +4 or +5 exposure compensation in LR it looks fine. Really I think the technique is mainly of advantage when very high DR is needed, and this was shot in extremely poor light and almost no contrast! I found it a bit of a pain and quite time consuming, so I can’t imagine I’ll use the method again, but an interesting (for me!) test. I’ve also read some interesting info on how the +200% and +200% modes work on this camera in RAW.

Sorry, birds on the feeders and a few flowers in the house or top of the garden are all I can manage at present.

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Another fuchsia

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Arrivals and departures


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Battered rose


The recent heavy rain has left the roses in the garden looking below their best, and I haven’t been able to get into the park or anywhere else where there are roses.

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Hosta after rain


Not nearly such a wet day, but certainly not completely dry.

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Nuthatch news

Of course I’m not sure that this is the same nuthatch as the one I showed yesterday, but it, and another one which at one time has been here at the same time, look in good condition.

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Blip-140 3

I was so pleased to see a nuthatch on the feeders early today, but the light was really terrible for photography. Around lunch time there was a bang on the patio doors, and I found this nuthatch on the step outside. It seemed stunned and it was half an hour before it recovered and flew away. Then at about 5:30pm there was a repeat performance, though this time it lay on its back for at least 10 minutes before righting itself and eventually flying away.



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