Rather colourless

I have a lot of great tits visiting the feeders at present, but this one is unusually lacking in colour.

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Still a few left

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Dogs Tooth Violet

It should be in flower very soon. I always enjoy seeing it in the lawn.

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Snakeshead Fritillary

In the front garden of the neighbour opposite, so the third longest outing I’ve had from my house in over a year – I walked straight across the road for this.

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I don’t usually encourage them (quite the opposite), but this one has become a frequent visitor, and provides a subject when I’m stuck for something to photograph!

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Blue tit

Another difficult day. Last attempt with the Fujis – The X-T2 seems to work most of the time, but the others are rubbish.

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Coal tit

They are coming quite regularly at present, though I hadn’t seen them for weeks until then.

I’m having a VERY stressful time at the moment trying to get the Fujis to work via a phone app. If they connect at all, they then crash out within a few minutes, requiring a reset of everything, which of course also disturbs the birds. I prefer a USB cable method of controlling the camera, but in the case of Fuji it is completely useless. I have spent many 10s of hours o the problem now and it is seriously affecting my physical and mental health. I am close to the point where the Fujis  will at least go into the junk heap in the garage, or possibly even the refuse bin, as I cannot cope with it much longer. I will revert to micro fourthirds – Panasonic have a good phone app and Olympus an excellent USB tether system, and either/both would put me out of my misery. Sony’s app seems to work, but it and the tethering system are both very lacking in features, and of course none of their cameras (including the latest miracle machine at a price 3 times what I could have afforded even before the current problems) can do focus bracketing, let alone in-camera stacking (not that I want that anyway, as I prefer to control the stacking in the computer).

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Feeding in the snow

There were a few flakes of snow around this morning, which brought quite a lot of birds to the feeders, though nothing unusual. The extra shows one of the male woodpeckers, which come quite regularly. The female is here much less frequently, and I haven’t managed a photo of this recently.

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Easter flowers

I don’t really like cutting flowers (!), but these were given to me by a very kind ex-next-door-neighbour, who also gave me an Ester egg. The extra is another Easter flow, growing in the garden.

Photographically another immensely frustrating day trying to get the remote app for the Fuji working – I failed dismally again, as even if I manage to get it running, the connection drops within 10 minutes. And yes, I have made sure the settings for power are not causing it to shut down. It was impossible to get the X-H1 to run properly, though the X-T2, with apparently similar settings, ran for considerably longer without problems, though as I had to keep going outside to reset the X-H1 there were very few birds visiting. I sued 2 different phones (Android and iPhone) and 2 different models of iPad, but it did not make any difference. Perhaps the fact that the rating on the Apple appstore for this app is 1.4 indicates that I’m not the only person who finds the Fuji app less than satisfactory!

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