The iPad for Photographers – iOS 5 and iCloud

I watched the keynote session from the Apple WWDC 2011 event a short while ago. As well as the next version of the Mac operating system, Lion (due in July) there were important announcements which could be relevant to using the iPad in viewing, manipulating and managing images. iOS 5 is the next version of the iPad (and iPhone) operating system, and of particular importance is the fact that Apple intend to free the iPad and iPhone from their dependence on a physical connection between the device and a computer for transferring images, music etc to and from the device. Instead it will be possible to do this wirelessly. There were illustrations too of how the Camera and Photos apps have been enhanced, although I did not find it clear if the fairly basic editing that was shown can be applied to images loaded via the camera kit, or whether it is only usable with images captured by the internal camera.

The release time of ‘Fall’ seems to fit in with when the next version of the iPhone is due, so maybe iOS 5 will make its debut on the iPhone 5 (or will it be called the 4GS?). iOS 5 will apparently run on the original and latest iPads, and on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, but not the older models of iPhone.

Also announced was iCloud, which will allow automatic synchronisation of images (via Photo Stream), documents, music etc between all the registered devices – iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC, again done wirelessly. Both iOS 5 and iCloud are due to be release ‘in the Fall’; they could certainly make the use of the iPad to assist in photography considerably easier, though the devil may lie in detail which is not clear at present.

In the meantime, we will await more news with interest, and I should be updating this series of reports quite soon – first with a recap and update on the topics covered so far, followed soon after by the section on image manipulation and editing using the iPad.

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