More thoughts on iOS 5 and iCloud

More information has now been published on both iOS 5 and iCloud you can find details on Apple’s web site HERE, and you can even watch yesterday’s keynote presentation (about 2 hours long) there.

The revised Photos app includes some very basic editing, notably cropping and rotation (also ‘auto enhance’ and red-eye removal), but equally important if not more so is that it will be possible to organise images into albums on the device itself. Whether or not the data available to third-party developers is improved, especially access to the original file name, is not disclosed. If it is, then we can expect a substantial improvement in what is available to serious photographers who want to include the iPad in their workflow.

There are some improvements in the Camera app as well (it is accessible from the ‘lock’ screen, and the volume control can be used as a shutter release), and though these will probably not be of much interest to serious photographers, there are times when using Camera on the iPhone can be quite amusing, especially with third party applications. Of course none of this will be available on my old iPhone 3G (iOS 5 will only run on the 3GS and later phones), but image quality on that old model is not great anyway.

Wireless syncing with a computer (or iCloud) will be a huge improvement, and will simplify transfer of images between devices and applications (eg getting images from an iPad to a PC for processing in Lightroom). Twitter users will probably also welcome its integration with iOS 5 apps, so that tweets and image links can be set up within some apps in an iPad or iPhone.

iCloud is going to make it much easier to transfer images (and other data) between devices completely automatically, and will also provide some backup of data.

Overall, although the changes are not really earth-shattering (despite the hype!), the new features seem real improvements, and should make the iPad potentially (with suitable app development from third party developers) an even more useful too for serious photographers.

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