iPad workflow, a GREAT week away, and rip-offs

I have been at Lakeland Photographic Holiday for the last week – a really great experience. I am still working on the the images, so not much to show here at present. I hope to post some images in the next couple of days.

I took the MacBook Pro with the iPad as backup. I did intend to test the workflow I have described recently on the iPad, but there is almost no free time on these workshops, so although I was glad to have it as a spare in case of problems with the MBP, I never used it seriously for normal image processing – which is indicative of how much more work is involved in using the iPad compared to a conventional laptop.

I was VERY impressed with the mono conversion of Silver Efex Pro 2, which several people were using on this workshop, and I downloaded an evaluation copy:

This is just after a few tweaks; I was going to buy it, even before I had finished working on this image – but advertised at $100 (US), which for UK buyers translates to around £170! We are used to $100=£100, but this is ridiculous, and I refuse to be exploited this way, however good the product, so I’m very sad to say I WON’T be buying it after all.

On the subject of being !?*’d by suppliers, it seems that not only are Apple dropping web publishing, iDisk and iWeb in June 2012, but they are dropping Final Cut Express too. I love my Macs, but really, to be be treated this way is unacceptable. I’ve been using Aperture and some other Mac software, but I now have to assume they will drop anything at any time with minimal notice. Of course my Power PC iMac was dropped by them long ago …. Existing pro users of Final Cut Pro seem incensed by the changes to Final Cut Pro X, and I can relate to this. I am NOT an Adobe fan (far from it), but they seem to have more respect for their customers (of course they should, at their inflated prices), and we still have some support for Windows XP many years on from its introduction, and TWO subsequent major upgrades.

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