I think I’ve finally updated everything regarding my latest holiday in Scotland – great trip, though the weather was poor, and the car journey back was stressful (rain and very strong winds). The cameras performed well, though I’m rather alarmed at how many images I shot with the old iPhone 3G (due to the weather).

Mac Final Cut Pro X has been updated at last – some new features, though no mention of bug fixes. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to try it, as my Snow Leopard machine insists that my software is up to date, even after the new release! No lesser person than Philip Bloom reports this as well. So, where are Apple going? Lion seems to me to be their equivalent of Windows Vista (I’m not alone in being unimpressed to say the least), FCP X is dumbed down to being iMovie Pro, can you have any faith in what they will do next? Sadly, there are no alternatives – Linux, well the popular/fashionable favourite Ubuntu has been changing lots without consultation, and Linux is hopeless for serious photo/video etc work anyway (sorry, but apps are pathetic compared with mainstream op sys, and trying to run serious apps via emulators is a joke). Windows is getting better, but still lots to hate about it, and as for Google, they are, to put it as politely as possible, no better than the rest.

Meanwhile, Nikon announced new mirrorless cameras today – for me, at least, deeply uninspiring, even smaller sensors, small body but LARGE lenses, and lens specs aren’t encouraging either (no results of sensor/lens quality published yet). Not that many lenses available yet either. It is a purely personal view, but the GH2 is near perfect for me now –  not the greatest IQ in terms of high ISO or dynamic range, but the controls are just what I want, and shoots good video too; articulated screen is invaluable (REALLY, for my work). If GH3 is significantly different, I’ll try to buy another GH2 as a back-up!! New Oly 12mm lens is fantastic too, though a bit short to be used regularly. The user interface of the Olys is really too fiddly for me – too much dependence on menus, and the rear control dial is horribly difficult to use (you press when you only want to rotate). Pana is not immune in this respect – I so often press the rear dial unintentionally – it needs a secondary button to be pressed to enable these features.

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I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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