Apple and Adobe

The new iPhone is due to be announced later today, together with (presumably) the release of the updated operating system for the iPhone and iPad, iOS 5. Both will probably be of a lot of interest, but Adobe seem keen to upset Apple’s launch, announcing Photoshop Touch only a few hours earlier. Actually this is just one of several new Adobe applications aimed at Tablet users, but they have chosen to launch them ONLY for Android tablets at present! So, only a very small part of the tablet market, though we are told we may get an iOS version for the iPad some time next year. Incidentally, even the Android versions won’t be available until November, so it really does look to me like Adobe trying to dilute the impact of the new Apple announcements – probably to little effect!

I’m hoping that iOS 5 will lead to some better apps for managing photos on the iPad – the main problem for app developers has been the limitations imposed on them by Apple and its development facilities for managing photos.

Incidentally, to me one of the other strange things about the Adobe announcement is that they have gone for a tablet version of Photoshop, which looks to be quite powerful for manipulating images (though limited to 1600 x 1600 pixels), but to me it would actually have been much more useful to have a version of Lightroom, more appropriate for organising and selecting images, and applying basic corrections.

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