Progress on 17th November

Progress at the Community Centre on 17th November 2014

20141119_115821Here is a report from Elke on the work done on 17th November:

The weather was good enough to continue with the clear-up of rubbish at the back fence. I had cleared two bags previously but was sure there was at least two or three more. In the end, I managed to clear out three more bags of smaller bits of litter plus some bigger pieces I lifted up added them next to the collection of full black rubbish bags. Now the back looks a lot tidier. However, the left and right of the more or less cleared bits still need tidied up and more shrubs and trees have to be cut down.

Mike meanwhile continued with general litter picking duties to keep the rest of the place tidy.

The best news of the day was Donna’s announcement that the Council people with the shredder would come next Wednesday to sort out our “mountain” of cut shrubs and trees. We can’t wait to see it all gone in order to be able to continue with the proper job.

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