Where has all the disc space gone?

My MacBookPro has a 500G disc, which I used (when I bought it 6, SIX, months ago) to think would be more than adequate for my future needs, as I store my photos on an external hard drive. However, the free space is disappearing at an alarming rate. So where is it all going? Well, I do keep a COPY of the main Lightroom and Aperture libraries on the internal hard drive (so that I have some access with just the MBP), and Aperture in particular hits the hard drive. I also keep my iTunes music library on the internal drive (copy on external drives, but iTunes handling of moving the library has always been indescribably bad), but this rarely increases in size now. I think that one of the BIG problems is that the iPhones and iPads back up to the hard drive, which could be up to 64G for the iPad 2 and 32G for the iPhone 4s. I haven’t yet worked out fully how they back up, but it does seem that they use the biggest space on the MBP that the iOS devices have ever used – even though I have deleted material, mainly photos, from the iOS devices in the past.

So, this enables Apple to persuade me to spend more money and buy a bigger hard drive on a future MacBook, which is good for them?? No, it simply persuades me that an additional MacBook Air with a small SSD drive would be totally inadequate, so I won’t buy one! It used to be called shooting yourself in the foot. Please don’t tell me about the Cloud – I have serious reservations about this (security as some recent incidents show, and some kind of accidental hiccup on one machine is then transmitted to everything else, with potentially disastrous loss of data), and anyway it is not cheap – a 64G iPad requires up to 64G for backup, let alone what else you might want to store, and if you are that sort of person (I’m not), there could be issues of making all the content available to some other people, which could be very embarrassing.

To repeat an earlier complaint, Apple are discontinuing their web hosting in 2012, and my main web pages are all hosted on their web server, so I have a very big job ahead soon to transfer (and reformat) all this material onto a new web host. I regret that in the process of doing this I shall probably just destroy some of the older content.

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