More photographic holidays

Since my last post I have had a week in Assynt in October and a week in the Lake District in November. Both were very enjoyable, but while the weather in Scotland was superb, in the Lake District we had one very good day, and the rest of the time it was mostly heavy rain.

During the Assynt holiday the group agreed to try to produce a book using everyone’s images after the event, and this has taken quite a lot of time, which is partly my excuse for not posting about this trip until now. Some of my own images from that holiday are now in the Landscape section of the Gallery, which you can access from the lists on the right of the screen. The collective, group, book and the associated slideshow have been made available to all who were on the workshop, but to avoid any possible issues of Copyright, image ownership etc, they won’t be made available to anyone else. Many thanks to Duncan McEwan for his wonderfully organised holiday, once again, and to the members of the group who all took part in the book project.

Although the weather for the November vsit to the Lake District was not at all good (heavy rain for most of every day but one), the day when we did have good weather did make up for this, and as always a holiday at LPH was enjoyable, and even if the weather is bad, the cooking is superb! Some images from that holiday are also in the Landscape section of the Gallery on the right of this screen – the fact that I was reduced to photographing one of their cats does indicate how bad the weather was, plus the fact that I got a chance to try out a Nikon 1 J2 that John Gravett received during the week to test. Many thanks to John and Gail once again for a most enjoyable week.

A quick note on cameras – since I was able to get one, the vast majority of the photographs I have taken this year have been produced using the Olympus E-M5. It isn’t perfect, but it is the camera which suits me best, and although I have quite a range of lenses to fit, most of the time the versatile 14-150mm (equivalent to 28-300mm full frame) is all I need, though some of the others (notably the 9-18mm and an older Olympus 4/3 50mm macro) have been used, and just occasionally one of the faster prime lenses.

I’ve been persevering with the Blipfoto project (taking one photograph every day and posting this on the Blip website), but I really have found it quite a chore – some days I get over 10 tolerable images, and the next day I lack inspiration, etc). I’ve also been making more use of Instagram of late (mfh44), though I find the square formt just does not suit many of my images, and actually I shoot many of my images on a conventional camera, rather than a phone, and then transfer them to the iPhone/iPad camera roll afterwards!

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