Weather resistant cameras

Weather resistant cameras!

I went to the Friends of Priory Park Big Garden Birdwatch event this afternoon. We had 5 minutes of slight drizzle, during which we spotted 4 wood pigeon and 3 crows, then we had thunder, the most dramatic lightning I have ever seen, a severe hail storm, and heavy rain, all of which lasted for an hour (ie, the length of the event). Cameras (and lenses) may be weather ‘resistant’, but water spots on the lens cannot yet be avoided, and the photographer was not weather resistant either, despite wearing some serious outdoor clothing. The hail is quite visible in the foreground, but perhaps I need to explain that the white paths in the background are actually tarmac, and also appear white in this picture due to the hail.

I used the weather-resistant Olympus OMD-EM1 for the photo, but with the 14-150mm lens, which is not rated as weather resistant.

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