A week at Kintail and Skye in September 2014

2014-09-02 Loch Duich

At the beginning of September I had an excellent holiday in Scotland, the first few days based in Kintail and the remainder at Portree on Skye. This was a photographic workshop with Lee Frost of Photo Adventures, assisted by Duncan McEwan. The weather was generally kind and I managed to capture over 2500 images (admitted many of these were RAW plus JPEG, so the ‘real’ number is probably nearer 1500, but still a very productive week). Breathing problems did limit my activity somewhat, and there were a few locations which the group went to which either I could not go too, or my movement was limited.

I only used two cameras during the week, the Fujifilm X-T1 (nearly entirely with the new 18-135mm lens) and the Olympus E-M1 (usually with the 14-150mm lens). Unfortunately the remote cable release of the Olympus stopped working on the first day, and after borrowing another release from one of the others I confirmed the bad news that it was not the release that was faulty, but the camera. Although this was inconvenient I managed to continue using the camera with either the delayed action or firing it using the iPhone and WiFi. On my return the camera went back to Olympus, who repaired it quite quickly and free of charge, and on top of this it now has the new version 2 firmware, which adds an excellent tethered shooting option and several other useful improvements.

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I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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