Russian GP – apologies yet again

What a boring race – mostly a procession. Rosberg drove a storming race to recover from the HUGE mistake he made on the first lap, credit for the drive and keeping his tyres alive, but for me cancelled out by the original major error. Lewis was just able to drive around in cruise mode!

Bottas drove a great race, as did Button, but the Mercedes cars are just so much faster this year.

Three races to go, but there is this really obscene situation that this year the final race has double points. I want to say this now, before it may affect the final result, whoever came up with this formula of double points for one race has nothing to do with the sport; it may make the result uncertain longer, but if it actually changes the WDC result it will be a travesty. Personally I’ll regard the final result of the championship as being decided by the result of all races have the same number of points available, and if the grotesque marketing ploy of double points for the last race (regardless of where it is, whether it is a particularly challenging circuit etc), I think I will stop following F1 (and I’ve followed it for over 60 years).

Personally I also found it objectionable that Putin and his entourage were on the podium – they seemed to arrive late, and they needed direction up to the last moment as to whom they should be giving the awards to. It’s not just a question of how you feel about their politics, but they seemed to have almost zero understanding of motor sport.

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