Off Topic (F1)

The testing sessions before the F1 season begins do not really mean all that much, but here’s my take on it now.

Mercedes have been sandbagging for a lot of the time, but look way ahead of the rest.

Williams look strong again, though they have probably worked quite hard to get the times.

Ferrari and Sauber look stronger this year – as they share the same engine, perhaps this indicates that the engine is better this year than last (not just a question of power, but how it delivers it, and absolutely nothing to do with the very recent firings and hirings at Ferrari).

McLaren have a lot to do, but to put this in perspective, Red Bull looked in the same position this time last year, and they subsequently won races!

Rosberg will beat Hamilton, Hamilton second. Any one’s guess about the next 3 places, but at this stage I’d go for Ricciardo, then Bottas and then Massa. YMMV, but I think these will be the top contenders, with perhaps Kimi and Vettel if the Ferrari is really much improved.

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