Green Man Entry


I had a visit to the dentist today – just an inspection, and no problems found! I needed a taxi to get there and back (1/2 mile each way, and the climb up two flights of stairs at the surgery is really more exercise than I can cope with now), so I only took a basic PAS camera, but Green Man Alley is only about 10 metres from the dentist, so I managed to walk that far. The sign is quite recent, but the alley is quite old.

Apologies to Nikon 1 followers for choosing a very light and small P&S camera today, rather than a Nikon 1 with a 10-100mm lens!

About Mike Hessey

I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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