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Food for squirrels

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Another wet day, so I haven’t been out. I regard Cameralabs as the best of the camera review web sites, so I read Gordon’s comments on coffee with interest. At last I have taken up his recommendation of the Aeropress, … Continue reading

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Wet day

Here, not at the Russian GP event. Unfortunately in anything less than perfect conditions my Sky box does not get a signal, so I had to watch practice 3 and Qualifying on the much smaller iPad screen.

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My very good friend Phil G has provided me with plenty of photo opportunities in the past, usually of plants or his baking, but he had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago, and is rather immobile at present, so he’s … Continue reading

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Autumn colour

Gradually spreading now – this tree has completely changed colour, though most of the other trees in the park are mostly green, or only just beginning to turn yellow in places. I hadn’t planned to go out today, as I’m … Continue reading

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After the fall

A wet morning again, and given that I’m still not at my best after yesterday’s fall I haven’t been out. I took the opportunity to not only update the iPad to the new iPad OS, but also to play around … Continue reading

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Hungry birds

The birds are emptying the feeders every two days at present, fall is certainly here. A very wet morning, but the rain stopped briefly around lunch time so I went into the garden to grab this photo. Unfortunately just after … Continue reading

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Henry the Green Brompton

Battery powered of course, as I can’t pedal much now, and can’t manage any uphill slope without assistance. It’s several months since Henry has been out, and I was very unsteady, which is why I normally use the mobility scooter … Continue reading

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Still looking good

Hanging basket – but it won’t last much longer.

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Stairway to … ?

Priory ruins.  

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