Tactical voting


Sorry, some of this is political, and if you don’t like it, you are entitled to your views, this is just my take on the mess we have been in since the referendum. Ignore the comments, and stop following me if you wish.

Before using my postal vote, I wanted to watch this debate. I don’t want to vote for EITHER of these parties in their current form, but I really do NOT want the one in power, and of the 4 parties standing locally, neither of the other two (both of which I prefer) has any chance at all locally, or nationally. So it’s a tactical vote for me to try to stop the worse one, rather than to vote how I want to. There might have been a case for ‘first past the post’ at one time to avoid hung parliaments, but we have had these in the UK for several years now, and if this is going to happen, I really think that we should be able to vote for the party we really support most, rather than being forced to vote tactically on the basis of who we LEAST want to be in power!

The debate was dire, and one party (you know which one) relied almost entirely on the ‘message’ that they would get Brexit done, repeated whatever the question, to the point I could have screamed, and as everyone knows the results of Brexit will actually drag on for years.  There is an alternative for getting out of this mess, which is to abandon Brexit! 17M people may have voted for Brexit, but a lot of those were probably a protest against the then government, and some of the pro-Brexit propaganda, much of which was based on it being ‘easy’ and ‘painless’, already disproved by how long we have being going through this. 16M or so voted to remain  – some of the newspapers (you know which ones keep on about the 17M, never mention the 16M or so remainers).

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