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They are looking really good now. My left foot has been rather uncomfortable when pressing on it, so I’ve not been out apart from taking this photograph about 5 metres from the back door.

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Only 3 of the cyclamen look like flowering this year. I posted the best one a few days ago, and this is the second best. I’m not sure that the third one will deserve a photo.

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There are very few 127 films available for cameras like the Rolleiflex Grey Baby and the Yashica 44, and none at all from the recognised film suppliers such as Fuji, Kodak etc. In fact those 127 film that are available … Continue reading

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Open at last.

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Still a use for CDs!

Well, these photos started life 3 weeks ago on film, and after processing the negs were returned with the scanned version on a CD. Of course no computers nowadays have CD drives built in (well none of mine do), so … Continue reading

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Frozen pond

It was a cold morning – the lily pond in the park was frozen when I got there.

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Caught in the sun

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