Mickey Mouse

I’ve not had a very good day, so back to photographing one of the railways. Not much has changed since the last photograph of it, but some weathering of the Land Rover has started, and there are two more milk churns outside the barn!! However, a different train – a Stanier coch and an Ivatt loco!

For the anoraks (actually if they are real anoraks, they know what follows already), the loco is an Ivatt Cass 2 (BR classification 2MT, as in Mixed Traffic). 4663 is still in existence, at the Severn Valley Railway, and was the second loco at the SVR. Class 2MTs are often referred to as Mickey Mouse(s), hence the caption. I believe the loco is currently in the Engine House exhibition, awaiting overhaul, but in the days I visited the SVR it was very often in steam. For more information on 4663, just use that in a Google search.

I think the SVR had 3 of these 2MTs at one time (46521 was there for a while, but I seem to recall another), plus a Class 4MT, which was known as a ‘Flying Pig’ – if you saw one, the epithet was appropriate, as it was very ugly.

Next up may be the GWR Flying Banana!

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