An end to Intel Macs

The news that the first Macs using Apple’s own processors rather than Intel ones came out earlier this week. Anyone who remembers the last time that Apple switched processors was not a happy time for many. This photo shows an iMac which used the old Power PC processor, and so dates back to before the first Intel machines appeared. The new machines either could not run some existing software or had to use an emulation mode, reducing performance. As the Intel processor became more widespread, updates to the old software became less frequent and capable. I expect the same will happen this time. This old iMac will just about run (first time I’ve turned it on for many months!), but has no recent software, and the CD/DVD drive stopped working many years ago. I can’t imagine I’ll ever have one of the M1 Macs. 

About Mike Hessey

I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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