127 day

12th month, 7th day, so it is 127 day, and participants need to take a photograph using a camera with 127 film on the day. The weather has been bad today, and even if it had been better, I only go as far as my back garden at present. Of course as the 127 cameras can’t focus close, and aren’t SLRs, the options are limited. I photographed these three cameras with another 127 camera (as well as the digital camera used for the photo above). However, the closest I could get with the 127 camera I used is going to go nowhere near filling the frame.

About Mike Hessey

I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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