New Cactus

I bought some new cacti recently, and two arrived with flower buds on them. This is the more advanced one – expect a photo of the second one soon!

The question of how to display them is also proving an interesting challenge. I’ve bought some quite nice pots (1 shown here), and I also have bought a sheet of perspex to put on a table to avoid scratching or marking the table top, but I am now investigating 3D printing some saucers to stand the pots on, or perhaps for making some more pots. It is about40 years since I was involved in producing any 3D models, and things have changed in that time!

About Mike Hessey

I'm a BOF (Boring Old Fellow) and MOS (Miserable Old Soul) whose main interests are photography, cycling, walking and computers. Regrettably recent problems with my legs, back and heart have reduced the cycling and walking.
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