3D prints

As well as the 127 negative carrier I have been working on, and which has been improved several times already, I have found some existing design by others of some things of potential photographic interest. Here are 2 different sizes of lens hoods to fit the Rollei bayonets – I don’t know of any source of bayonet mount lens hoods available new now,and if you can find a used one, it will be quite expensive. Deigning the bayonet with CAD ready for 3D printing is rather beyond me at present, so these designs on Thingiverse looked worth trying. The No 1 size suits my old Rollei and Yashica cameras,  and when printed if fits the cameras, although it needs a minor adjustment after fitting to line up properly, and using the normal PLA filament leads me to think the bayonet will wear fairly quickly in use. The files I downloaded are not original design files but SLI ones, so modifying them is not something I can do.

Still, they are potentially very useful, and many thanks to those who created them and have made them available. Actually I have an original No 2 bayonet lens hood which my father had for his Yashicamat, so I don’t really have a need for one at present.

I’m still using the ‘silver’ filament which came with the printer, though black would be a more appropriate colour for all of these, , but although I have some black filament it is still in its sealed container, there are reports that filament deteriorates as a result of exposure to moisture in the air, so I don’t want to open new reels until I’m close to finishing a previous one. 

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