This is one my friend Phil let ty me for today’;s photograph. It’s an acer, and the leaves are a beautifully delicate yellow-green at present. The first picture below shows the view from the other side.The mark at the base of the ‘trunk’ is quite n natural, but Phil tells me some bonsai enthusiasts sometimes work on them to make them look as though they have been struck by lightning.

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Still flowering

Despite the snow and freezing weather the winter clematis is still flowering, though I think the flowers are slightly darker now than they were originally.

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Diving in

Not much to photograph today – I spent a lot of time looking at the screen and just seeing the feeders blowing about in the wind.

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Christmas cactus

There are now lots of flowers on this during its second flowering.

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Hellebores in the snow

A fair amount of snow overnight and this morning, but not settling much, and most of it was gone be the afternoon.

I processed a film later in the morning, but the camera malfunctioned, and only two shots came out at all.

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It rained fairly steadily all morning, but it was only light snow and didn’t really stick. The birds stayed away during the snow, but once it stopped a few put in a brief appearance. This chaffinch stayed for some time, but none of the photos of it were very sharp – this is the best. The woodpecker, on a feeder just alongside this one, came out much sharper (different camera). Both cameras were being protected from the conditions by Ocado plastic carrier bags!

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A bitterly cold day. No sign of the woodpeckers today, and the goldfinches only put in a fleeting appearance.

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Spring plumage

I was getting worried as I haven’t had any great spotted woodpeckers visiting for several days now, but happily they have reappeared. Two males came today, both looking extremely smart, though one has a slightly scruffy tail, so I’ve used a photo of the better one. I’ve not seen a female though, so I will have to keep looking out for them.

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More film

I spent the earlier part of the morning processing a 120 film from my Bronica, and once it had dried I needed to convert it to digital. I decided to photograph the film on a light panel, and then there was the very laborious process of converting the photographed negatives to positives, adjusting white balance, exposure etc.

That’s taken up most of the day!

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Preparing 127 film

It’s difficult to get 127 film now, so having finished a couple of films I needed some more and decided to use my film cutting kit (the unfortunately named FCK127) to cut down some 120 film. It’s very fiddly to use, and it took over an hour, partly due to problems with the plastic 127 spools breaking as I tried to load them – I eventually found metal ones which solved that problem.

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