One of the few things in flower in my garden at present.

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New mouse mat


While I was ordering the Christmas cards and calendars I also ordered a new mouse mat. I MUCH prefer an old fashioned mouse (though it does use Bluetooth) to other graphical input devices.

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The squirrels started chewing away at the new feeder I put out for them only a few months ago, and now they have destroyed it. I’ll have to get a metal one to replace it, and work out where and how to mount it, but in the meantime they won’t get any food.

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Spectacular cake!


A friend offered me this as a subject for my daily photo. Hew tells me that it is not an original design, b ut it still looks fantastic, and beautifully executed. A it’s on a rotating ┬ábase, I took 180 stills, rotating it a little bit between shots, and I’ve produced a 5 second d video version of it rotating. It will seem a pity that it will be cut in a few weeks time, but I’m ┬ásure that like all his cakes it will be delicious.


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Ornithogalum dubium


The original one does not look as though it will perform this year, but the new bulbs I took from it two years ago appear to be thriving. I also seem to have lost one of my cyclamen over the summer.

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Emergency duck


I couldn’t find anything else to photograph today.

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A damp morning, but it did serve to bring out some colours.

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