Bowls resumed for the summer


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One in the park which survived the early mowing practise.

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A busy scene


Although greenfinches, yesterday’s picture, used to be very common in the 1960s and 70s, they were badly affected by a disease, and are far less common now. Their place seems to have been taken by goldfinches.

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Tree rat

Following on from yesterday’s rat theme.

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Flying rat


Still suffering with a bad back and a cold, so I haven’t been any further than the back garden to set up a couple of nature cameras. These produced about 1500 photos, so eliminating the rubbish (ie 95%) and then picking out 3 or 4 tolerable shots has been quite a job. I’ve unfortunately seen a rat or rats in the garden a number of times recently, so one camera was set up to try to record the fact prior to contacting the council, but of course the rats did not cooperate,so today’s photo is a flying rat instead.

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Bright colour to cheer me up


I’ve got a bad cold at present and I’m feeling rather miserable, and to coincide with this my back is very painful – it’s difficult to walk upright.

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