I could not use the ducklings again for the main photo, so I hope you like the lily – not usually this open at 07:00 in the morning.

But the ducklings are still (for me) irresistible, so the extra shows them again. On my first lap of the park their mother seemed absent, and the ducklings seemed to with they were back in the nest, and stayed as close-packed a this for several minutes. By the time I got back on the second lap, the mother was back again, and they spread out a little bit – though they still don’t seem to have realised mealworms make good food! The earlier brood certainly like the mealworms.

Now on my third puncture on the mobility scooter in less than 5 weeks, and I’m only doing 2Km a day for about 4 days a week.

The alarm has gone off each night for the last 2 days, nothing to cause it. Now, as I type this, we have had a short power failure which has set of neighbours’ alarms, but not mine.

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More ducklings

When I went to the lily pond in the park I found a second family of ducklings had appeared – still tiny and the first time they had been see. There are 8, although one is missing in this photo. They still seem very cautious, and soon retired amongst the reeds.

The 6 remaining members of the first family are still around, now looking considerably larger, and with a huge appetite for mealworms.

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Roses in the sun

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Insects at the lily pond

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Another juvenile

I haven’t seen much of the woodpeckers in the last few weeks, and I was rather worried that they had not produced any young this year. So I was delighted to see a juvenile (fully-grown, unaccompanied by parents, and well-able to look after itself) yesterday – but I didn’t have a camera in position then. It was back again several times today, ad I was ready for it (though not a particularly good photo, even though the best of 200).

And surprisingly the Fuji X-T2 worked in remote mode, though the battery does not last long, thought the X-H1 was still inclined to drop the connection at the least provocation. 

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Roses in the park

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I think this blue tit must be a juvenile as it is so pale and colourless.

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I expect I’ll be photographing it again later when the flowers open.

Yesterday was 127 day, so mainly a day for film in the TLRs. I finished 2 films, but had problems with winding on with both. The Yeshiva made a real mess of things, and it took an hour later on to resolve (I hope!) the problems. It started when I did not follow the correct sequence in loading the film, and steadily got worse, and even when the film was removed I had a lot of trouble trying to load a new film, as the mechanical system seemed to have got itself into a real mess. Then the Baby Rollei turned out to not have fully advanced the film after the last frame, despite the fact that the wind-on knob was rotating freely. This turned out to be due to the slotted shaft on the film take up spool having sheared – an all-plastic modern one which had been in an earlier roll of Rera film. This would just be annoying, but the broken parts are now jammed inside the wind-on knob so that I cannot load another film….

Most of my photographs were taken when I got home, using a new macro lens which arrived during the day. It’s fully manual, and I’m finding it a bit more difficult to cope with than I expected, not so much for focussing, ┬ábut the absence of indications on the camera screens when adjusting for lighting conditions is awkward. I mostly used that lens again today, after I had taken yesterday’s films to the post box to send for processing, and I’m getting more used to it, but it is still a considerable challenge, and a slow process, which is fine for plants, but not insects.

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